The "hypoallergenic" label
is meaningless.

Try Evme, allergist-created luxe skincare
for sensitive and allergic skin.

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of personal care products labeled as "hypoallergenic" still have major allergens.

Evme was created to not only help you understand why you are reacting, but also offer solutions to prevent reactions in the first place.

Source: Frontiers in Medicine

Evme is focused on making real breakthroughs in the way allergies and sensitivities are diagnosed, understood, and prevented.

Evme’s solution begins with skincare.

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Clinical Trials Show Evme Has Anti-Aging Effects Without Reactions

Within 30 days of using all 3 Evme Products (Cleansing Powder, Serum, and Night Crème), our test patients showed significant improvements in:

  • Overall skin appearance
  • Hydration
  • Radiance and brightness
  • Hyperpigmentation and even skin tone
  • Skin texture and smoothness
  • Skin clarity
  • Elasticity
Dr. Anjuli Mehrotra

Dr. Anjuli Mehrotra

Evme CEO and Co-Founder

Why Allergist-Created Skincare?

Allergists treat patients with skin allergies and reactions, focusing on helping patients figure out what they are reacting to, using their extensive knowledge of a wide range of allergens.

As a MIT, Cornell, and University of Washington trained board-certified allergist and immunologist, Dr. Anjuli Mehrotra created Evme due to her frustration with current solutions for sensitive and allergic skin.

“As an allergist/immunologist, I have a completely different definition of what is considered hypoallergenic compared to normal convention. With so many ingredients with high allergic potential and with allergies rising, it has become important to consider a broader set of potential allergens than before. It’s not enough to be slightly less allergenic than normal. We need to aim to be as close to 'sans-allergenic' (without allergens) as we can.”

— Anjuli Mehrotra, MD Allergist/Immunologist and CEO/Creator of Evme inc.

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The Evme Method

Evme Goes Beyond The Poorly-Defined
Categories of "Hypoallergenic" and "Clean".

At Evme, we aim for "sans allergenic" (without allergens), identifying and excluding thousands of potential allergens and irritants that are commonly found in products, so you can avoid dermatitis, stinging, and redness.

Our strict protocol for vetting ingredients, The Evme Method, is based on scientific research, decades of data, and clinical experience.

evme products

Evme Product Line

A Few Ingredient Highlights

Sodium Ascorbyl

We use a gentler form of Vitamin C, which evens skin tone and brightens the complexion, even for those with the most sensitive skin.


This deeply moisturizes by attracting and binding water, while offering anti-aging benefits by plumping skin and reducing the look of wrinkles.

Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol

These water-binding plant sugars enable increased skin hydration by limiting water loss and creating a stronger skin barrier.


“As someone with sensitive skin, I have been reluctant to try new products on my skin as I have a tendency to get flare ups. I was convinced to use Evme after hearing them describe the ingredients that they use as well as hearing about Dr Anjuli's experience as an allergist treating patients with sensitive skin.

Two months into use and I am now a big fan of their products. The products are gentle on my skin and I have had no issues. I have avoided using facial cleansers in the past given my bad experiences but I love the Evme cleanser. I love the format - powder - as well as the minimum lather. My skin doesn’t feel dried out after use. Following the cleanser up with the serum leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I love that the serum dispenser gives me the exact right amount needed for my skin. The Night Glow Creme has become a staple in my night routine and I wake up to a skin that feels nourished.

This kit has been a game changer in my beauty routine. Anyone who has had a bad experience with any beauty products should give this a try. You will not be disappointed.”

- Mitali D.

“I’ve been using Evme for about a month now, and I wanted to share how much I absolutely love it. I have very sensitive, acne, AND eczema-prone skin (lucky me), and after years of seeing dermatologists, struggling with products labeled “sensitive,” and trying things that leave me with texture and little red bumps, I’m so thrilled to have found Evme. The little bumps are gone, and this is the first time in years I didn’t have a hormonal breakout! What I especially love is that Evme is both safe for my sensitive skin, and it has effective ingredients that work. In the past, I’ve had to chose between products that won’t irritate and products with active ingredients. Evme is the first skin care line that does it all! Thank you!”

-Prabha K.