Our philosophy doesn’t stop at the popular understanding of “hypoallergenic” or “clean."

By reengineering how skincare is formulated, processed and ingredient-sourced, we’ve created our own category, aiming for sans-allergenic products that have never before been available for people with sensitive skin. Through the Evme Method™, you can be assured that every single aspect of the formulation process is highly vetted, from source to shelf.

At Evme, we’re formulating a new kind of confidence. A confidence that’s founded in science, backed by years of research, and humbled by personal experience. Evme was created for all people with sensitive or irritated skin. However, even if you don't have sensitive skin, you can benefit tremendously from our high-performance formulations and nourishing ingredient list, letting your healthiest looking skin shine through.

As allergies rise, and with people allergic to so many different ingredients, it has become important to consider a broader set of potential allergens than before. It’s not enough to be slightly less allergenic than normal. We need to aim to be as close to sans-allergenic (without allergens) as we can.

There are certain ingredients that are basic to making a formula. We are rethinking the whole formulation process and creating proprietary replacements for a variety of ingredients that are reactive in classes like preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers, emollients, surfactants and many more. You will also find our products to be: free of all fragrances, allergenic preservatives, dyes, acrylates, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and thousands of other known allergens and irritants.

There are so many symptoms of sensitive skin – some that are obvious, and some that are a little harder to identify!

Did you know that up to 60% of the population of the world has sensitive skin?!

Symptoms that are associated with sensitive skin include redness, irritation, reactivity with certain ingredients, itchiness, dry/rough skin, rash, and breakouts. Some people may also experience sensitive skin due to underlying inflammatory conditions, including but not limited to eczema, rosacea, lupus, psoriasis, or after chemo or radiation therapy. Post-procedural skin (after laser treatments, chemical peels, or plastic surgery) can also be temporarily sensitive as well.

Powered by a passion for knowledge, Evme crafts each formula with the intention of being sans allergenic, by making careful decisions about all of our ingredients. We’ve been extremely mindful about how each element interacts with your skin, from source to shelf, stripping out what’s unnecessary.

Since “hypoallergenic” is not a regulated term, brands have been left to make up their own definitions. Similarly, the term “clean” has no formal definition. Dr. Anjuli, an allergy doctor who has treated thousands of people with sensitive skin, has found that many “hypoallergenic” and “clean” products can also lead to skin reactivities. 

At Evme, we have meticulously identified and excluded thousands of potential allergens and irritants based on scientific research and decades of data and clinical experience. Because we couldn’t find products that met our standards in the general marketplace, we spent time rebuilding formulas one ingredient at a time, designing our own high-performance products and formulas.

As a Board-certified allergist, immunologist and pediatrician, our Founder and Formulator, Dr. Anjuli, has dedicated herself to making products that are safe for teens and adults. She’s been thoughtful about how every one of Evme’s ingredients affects all living beings. Evme Skincare may be particularly useful for teenagers, who often deal with underlying sensitive skin and breakouts. Evme can help by reducing potential for inflammation due to reactivity or irritation. Part of Evme’s standout formula is delivering the optimal balance of the right actives and their concentrations, without drying out or irritating your skin. However, we always recommend speaking to your physician if you have any concerns.

Evme is a science-backed, allergist-developed skincare regimen. 

Each product has been designed to be layered and work synergistically with each other, to create clear, confident skin. Our intent was not necessarily to treat inflammation, but rather to work on preventing it in the first place. Here at Evme, we believe focusing on prevention is key to living your best life.

Although there aren’t any ingredients that make us concerned about use in this population, we recommend consulting with your doctor before introducing any new skincare products when you are pregnant or nursing.

Our formulations are calming and will not further irritate, dry out or over-sensitize your skin. Although Evme Skincare is not specifically meant to be an acne treatment, adults and teenagers who are struggling with acne can benefit from the Evme regimen.

Products & Subscriptions

With the growing trend of “clean” and “natural” products, there has been a surge of ingredients sourced from food. This can be a huge issue for the millions of people who deal with food allergies and sensitivities, which is unfortunately on the rise. As a result, we’ve excluded any ingredients sourced from major food allergens, including dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, nuts, seafood, coconut, sesame, and more! In fact, the only food sources we use are rice, sugarcane, beet, and rapeseed—specifically because they’re rare causes of food allergies.

Our products don’t contain any animal by-products and we are proud to be vegan.

We’ve made it super easy for you to have consistently great skin.

Your first Evme shipment delivers your new complete skincare system: a gentle cleansing powder, a brightening serum and a recharging night cream. Then, your environmentally friendly Evme refills arrive every month following. You can choose the subscription length that works best for you, whether that’s month-to-month, six months, or twelve months.

Want to know even more? Visit our Subscription page to learn all you ever wanted to know about how the Evme Subscription plans work.

Evme is a brand dedicated to people with sensitive skin. We understand that people with sensitive skin are looking for products beyond skincare. We’re dedicated to delivering on that.

As an allergist and immunologist, Dr. Anjuli consistently struggled with finding skincare solutions for her patients that went beyond surface-level claims of being “hypoallergenic” and that actually performed. She was determined to create an uncompromising solution to address a highly effective regimen for people previously locked out of the marketplace due to their skin sensitivities.

Stay tuned for more skincare products, as well as additional product categories, from Evme.

Building a community is really important to us. We’d love you to join the Evme Family.

We know that you have more questions about sensitive skin, and what you need to do, from skincare and beyond. Stay tuned for a private Facebook group for all our members, which will include weekly “Office Hours” with Dr. Anjuli, where you can hang out, be yourself and connect with the Evme community.

We want to support you! You may also find us at on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @evmeskincare

Currently, our Gentle Powder Cleanser and the Night Glow Crème both have refillable containers. With your first shipment of the Evme Kit, you will receive the main outer components for all 3 products. The next month, when you receive your refill kit, you will have inner components for the cleanser and night cream to replace the ones that came in your original Evme Kit. We’re working on a refillable component for the serum in the future as well!

Absolutely not! At Evme, we realize that all humans can have sensitive skin. Our formulas can support and enhance many diverse skin types, bringing out your happiest skin!

Yes! We know that normal wear and tear can occur on your outer bottles with time. Contact us at Customer Service if you need a replacement.

Shipping & Returns

Dr. Anjuli Mehrotra spent years developing the Evme Method™ to create the most effective, non-irritating, and luxurious products for your skin. We are so confident that you are going to love Evme that we are offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, where you can cancel your subscription for a full refund within the first 30 days of your original purchase, no questions asked.

Absolutely! All shipping for the subscription kit is free within the continental United States.

Our products are only available in the US right now, but we hope to sell our Kits abroad sometime in the future!

You’ll receive an email from Evme letting you know that your order has shipped. It’ll include the tracking number of your package. If it's been a while and you haven't heard anything about your order, contact our Evme Customer Service team and we’ll be happy to help you find the status of your order.

You may also view your order in your order history when you login to your account on the website.