Spring skin allergies: When spring allergies flare more than just your nose

March 06, 2024

By: Anjuli Mehrotra

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We’ve all heard of pollen flaring nasal allergies, but did you know that the pollen from the trees and grass around us can also create issues for your skin? This time of year can be tough for the millions of Americans dealing with skin allergies. In the spring, as the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, the pollen starts to come out and wreak havoc.
There are several reasons why this time of year can be hard on your skin. After a long, cold winter, I often see patients with dry and cracked skin that has been cumulatively worsening for several months. Also, as the seasons change and the weather starts warming up, it takes some time for our skin to adapt to the changing environment. Finally, when the pollen comes out, we start dealing with new issues...potential contact reactions to pollen and the itchy, rashy skin that ensues.
Pollen can cause a worsening of contact dermatitis when the pollen grains come into direct contact with the skin. This typically causes redness, itching, and some inflammation of the skin.
It can also exacerbate eczema, causing flares and making areas of skin more raw and irritated as pollen can act as an irritant.
When my patients ask me what to do for their dry, itchy skin during allergy season, I recommend a few things:
1) Wear “protective gear” when outside
It’s helpful to wear a hat with a decent brim, long sleeved shirts, and pants to protect as much of your skin from the elements and pollen.
2) Shower after exposure
When you come back inside after being outside and exposed to pollen, it’s a good idea to shower and change your cloths, removing any pollen that has come in contact with your skin or clothes. This is also particularly helpful for those who suffer from nasal allergies from pollen as well.
3) Moisturize your skin with a hydrating cream that is gentle for your skin and suitable for sensitive skin, up to two times a day.
Keep it simple. Eliminate unneeded exposures by looking for products with minimal, gentle ingredients.
Overall, it can be difficult for those with pollen allergies and skin sensitivities during high pollen seasons. Evme’s facial regimen is particularly good for those with really sensitive skin since we remove thousands of allergens and irritants commonly found even in “hypoallergenic” formulas, aiming to prevent skin allergies in the first place.

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